Friday, May 25, 2012

Syler Mason Durand born 04/14/2012

"Good Morning Starshine The Earth says HELLO"
4 days after my last post Baby Syler was born... He weighed 7lbs 8oz and measuring 19inc. He came early as I expected and has been bringing starshine into our lives ever since. I've still got Mommy brain so this will not be long. Just wanted to point out my fear of not loving him as much as i love Summer was totally smashed to bits as soon as i looked into his beautiful face. Somehow your heart expands and you feel it take over your entire being with the love and appreciation of holding yet another little life in your hands. I love them both so unconditionally and soooooooo equally that i feel silly for having been worried at all. Daddy is slowly learning the ropes and we have now come up with a sleep system to keep me from going insane and helping him bond with baby Syler..I love every second i have with him and my big girl Summer.... look forward to blogging all about it soon.... when big words are a part of my vocabulary again