Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 10, 2012 ~ Signs

The signs are all there... Plug drop, belly drop, lots of other things DROPPING.
In 2 days I will be 37 weeks pregnant. 3 weeks to go to the BIG day given by Doc.(APRIL 30 2012 C-Section)

I don't think i will be waiting that long.. All signs again are pointing for an early delivery... Baby Syler already weighs 7 pounds 7 oz. My tiny body feels like it would be easier to roll my way around than try and hold the weight up on these short legs.

I'm excited but i am mostly scared. Of the pain, of the recovery, of the immense change our everyday lives are about to take. I can't wait to hold Our baby in my arms and have him look into my eyes and tie the strings that will bind his heart to mine forever. I want to smell his little neck, hold his little hands and kiss his tummy.

I want to start the journey with him. I want to watch the light of fatherhood light up in his father's eyes. I want Summer to hold her brother. That bond will be a tight one i know it.

I am SCARED! but mostly of the starting over ... the change... but i know it will be a change that will bring love, joy and togetherness into the life of everyone he meets. .... Im ready <3


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