Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sitting in God's lap

FATHER, is there no parental lap I can sit on? Curl myself up into a safe spot, lean my head against your chest and hear you remind me of all the great things you see me doing, all the right choices you know I’ll make. Point out the roads that were meant to teach the lessons that will lead to happiness.

I want nothing more than to hear your voice rumble against my cheek as u say to me “Mistakes are bound to happen. But that's all past now ... I have faith in you... I know you will walk the right path, neglect temptation and repeated mistakes”.

I need you to reassure me, that you know my future and in it you see your happiness. The happiness you intended for me. Remind me that I'm worthy. Reassure me that my mistakes have not tainted me forever. My mistakes will not repeat themselves or the mistakes of my mother before me. I will close my eyes now; wrap my arms around my belly, give the child in my womb another embrace... And ill listen.... I’ll believe... I am the promise you made to him. I am the hope, the strength and the love he deserves.


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