Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mightier than a sword

Words on paper.....

Just words? What can letters typed together forming a word really do?
They can fill a card with Love Happiness and promises of times worth waiting for.
It can rip your dreams to shreds in moments of loss.

"Words are like Weapons that wound sometimes" They burn a hole in your heart and in your life so deep that it takes with it a part you can never get back.
It's unfathomable how words are thrown around never worrying where they sit where they land... what they will spill into.

Sometimes no matter how much you prep... re-read or shuffle them around they land where they need to be. The rest falls into place and life takes its lead again and begins on the path the words create.

Sometimes words mean just what they say... "Everything happens for a reason"
"There are no mistakes in life that weren't written without intent or purpose"

"Once upon a time" …"they lived happily ever after" or The End

Twilight MOMS

About TwilightMOMSWelcome to TwilightMOMS!Where Fans of Stephenie Meyer at Our Unique Phase of Life (balancing family, work AND our Twilight addiction) Become Friends.DO YOU THINK YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE whose life turned upside down when you read Twilight? Is your house a disaster with piles of piles of laundry in every corner and stacks of dirty dishes at record breaking heights? Have you imagined your husband is a vampire (or werewolf) and suddenly have the libido of newlywed again? Do you convince yourself that "cold cereal" makes a perfectly wholesome dinner? Is the pizza delivery boy now on your Christmas card list? Are your children free to run a muck as long as no one comes too you bleeding . . .(too badly)? Oh, you feel guilty, but that's not enough! You still can't tear yourself away from the book and damned be the consequences! The good new is- YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Fans of the Twilight Series in OUR STAGE of life (whether you're a mom or not) now have a place where we can gather unashamed of our irrational obsession with vampires and werewolves. We have a place where "our kind" can relate without having to wade through all the teenage Internet code mumbo jumbo like "OMG!!! IMHO Edward is sooo Hawt!!!" (usually a dead giveaway that you should be doing your social studies homework for 3rd period instead of playing on the computer.) FYI, it was a group of 14/15 year olds that "changed" me. However, OUR world of balancing family, work, home, marriage AND…our Twilight obsession is unique, fun, and oh, so very humorous. The personal stories and experiences I've heard and read from women all over the world are a blast.YOU LADIES ROCK!!! …and "Twilight Moms" is dedicated to YOU!!!~lisa

October 2008

Dreams get you into the future & add excitment to the present.

My entire body is aching for passion, for excitement, for acknowledgment in the most breathtaking way. My eyes focus on nothing as my mind races searching for a way.
Dizzying slides of possibilities go through my head searching for a remedy for this sometimes stale existence.

My chest strains as Frustrations take over the only outlet the perfect book or movie.
Where the words are laid out for you, characters made to order never disappointing. Transcending words create the people behind the story the feelings behind the action. Breathing life into the lips that I've created in my head...

But what of the real world? When does it cease to dose us with such paralyzing normalcy? Who in their right mind chooses a place so bland so narrow in its possibilities? What am I even striving for exactly? When life brings you predictability, assurance, dependability do you cower at it? Do u say "no thank you" and pass it on to someone else because it's missing that one small side of La Passion. Or do we put the books down turn down the TV and focus on what is real. What is exact and safe?

To some small things like books and movies are vital to happiness they become necessary to help us coexist in a world that holds little passion or adventure.

Where can I find the switch to turn off the” itch”? The want...the impossible vibration that threatens to swallows me up? Is there such a switch? Can we in fact go on with the norm when all we really want is to stand on the highest tree top and yell GIVE ME SOME FUCKING EXCITEMENT ALREADY!!!!

Ah alas... no answers... only questions remain... and so... I snuggle in deeper... sip on my wine and jump into the dream the words inspire….

Juliet: Sweet, so would I, Yet I should kill thee with much cherishing. Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow.

Sisters written in Dec 2005

Somewhere deep inside of me I hold a picture of a time long gone

Four sisters held together by an unbreakable bond.
Our lives changed completely by separation.
Stories of happily ever after forever questioned.
Our small hands clenched together in prayer holding on to what used to be.

Outstretched hands hold on to one another never letting go.
Tears felt from miles away eased by sisterly love & devotion.
New life interlaces with the old. Lessons learned now lessons taught.
The infinite circle strengthened by our children’s laughter & love.

Within my heart I hold the memories which have made me stronger.
I could never be the person I am today without
Barbara's hope for better tomorrow,
Maggie's openness or Maria's everlasting hugs.

To my sisters: Thank you for being my crutch, my strength & my best friends.

Farlanders Film

I was lucky enough to be called on to the Movie "Farlanders" being filmed here
in Miami, FL as well as Arizona, Colorado etc.. Though it was only for one day I had a great time and Hope THIS TIME I am actually seen.. Either way I'm happy to have been a part o fit. I met some great actors and would love to do it again soon.

I have been added to the IMBD page under this film as well as my own page Yippiiee

John Krasinski (lead)

Maritza Fernandez (Extra)

Maya Rudolph

Krasinski & Rudplph in between takes




On the set (Train station Miami)


Me in Local Arizona clothing


What are we going to do when all the good ones are gone?

What are we going to have left? Reality TV spun "actors" who don't know stage left from a hole in there ass. Cheap blonde, double Ds who giggle way too much, and strive to be the next Ana Nicole. Models turned actress, turned, singer, turned Repeat B movie washouts.

Every once in a while people like Morgan Freeman, Anthony Hopkins and Jack Nicholson grace us with there work. It used to be you had to have talent to work on film. Now all you need is an obnoxious attitude, nude pictures that "accidentally" get leaked into the media and a popularity count. I used to wait impatiently for the "Summer Blockbusters"... The Oscars were MY Super Bowl. We can no longer even look forward to that. With great movies few and far between you'd think that writers would be the last people having to FIGHT for more pay… money they rightfully deserve. BUT in an age where new Reality T.V shows get spewed out every season. I ask myself WHAT THE HELL we are going to do when things get TOO real. When fictitious characters are a thing of the past and we are stuck watching yet another camera hog throw a temper tantrum over weather or not she should be the next ex-virgin turned sex fiend.

The untimely death of Heath Ledger shocked and saddened many of us. Unfortunately it's become the norm. Actors over worked over whelmed or overdosed. They've created a whole new reality show around Celebrities and Rehab. I admit I watched the first episode. I'm not saying I never watch reality T.V. what I am saying is next time you go to a movie... a REAL movie, not your typical bubble gum shock comedy, but a movie like "Monster's Ball" or "I'm not There" When you find yourself on the edge of your seat with anticipation, hair on the back of your neck on end, Take a second to acknowledge just how big a dent they've made in the film industry and what a horrible void people like Paul Newman and Robert Redford will be leaving behind.

Maybe it's just because I LOVE movies and I admire the people who make us laugh or cry. Take us from our boring everyday lives for a couple hours a ticket. Maybe this sounds like a lot of bullshit to you. But for people like me ... who dissect every movie, every line, and every scene. You know what I am talking about.

For those of you who don't get it... who will actually pay money to see movies like "Breastford Wives" (yes it does exist) I say " Like Oh my god did you see what happened in last weeks episode of the " Real World" .. It was like TOTALLY bitchin….