Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dress for Banquet $37, Shoes $25, Still the topic of conversation at the ex's house...PRICELESS

Long time no blogg... wow and it's not for lack of dramatics, or topic..I mean when my ex husband shows up at my job holding a background check on some guy who sells drugs to kids,beats on cops and is a repeated felon with the same first and last name as the guy im dating.. THATS something to blogg about...Or when he called me a couple days later not satisfied that he had the wrong guy... demanding i give him the correct Social and date of birth, threatening to e-mail my new and improved bo and request this information ....or when he shows up here in a ridiculously red new corvette expecting..what??? THat i cringe with jealousy? Um NO

Or the fact that I didn't show up alone to Summer's cheer leading banquet this year..and lordy lordy we are still the topic of conversation in the FDC home as well as " I'm the better mommy meetings" im almost positive she holds..... and so i wrote a little letter that goes something like this.

If it were up to me i wouldn't say a thing .. i actually find everything you've said about me to this point hilarious.. but i was told its rotten of me to continue this guiltless pleasure and so i must give you a heads up.. Miami is very small and I happen to know a couple people you've been talking too about me and my life for some time now... SHHHH .. of course unless you don't mind it getting back to me.. I personally know my life is interesting and will keep anyone entertained, sooo I don't mind one bit. I am more than happy to know that I've helped make your life less dull. But again I was told i should come clean and so I have.By the way see the attached picture i took with the cell phone... I personally think it came out pretty darn good I would have shown you at the banquet when you were making faces and wondering a camera phone??? But i thought id let the remark slide. I guess that room was just a tad to small for gossip eeekBy the way congratulations on your new car... i mean it is the material things that define you as a person right? It's what shows how happy You truly are... ?? Me personally find happiness in knowing someone loves me no matter what i drive, what I wear, what mistakes I've made.. or What camera I use.. Someone i can sit and talk to about important things..not someone i have to constantly compare my ex too. It's nice finally finding that person who keeps you entertained to the point where I don't have to sit around digging into someone else's life.And I mean I have Summer HELLO need i say more she is a blessing and I am thankful for how smart and loving and understanding she is. I don't have to worry about that heart no one can change it. SO in case you were wondering, once again, why it is that I go from saying "Hi how are you" smiling and talking to you one day too not saying a single word.. well this may have something to do with it. Im not a hypocrite so lets not pretend that everything is rainbows and sunshine between us and that one day we'll sit around having lunch together like no one stabbed anyone else in the back. Sadly its not gonna happen... I just cant be that fake sorry. whew i feel better thats all out in the open.. I guess He was right after all....but let me make it clear. I happen to really like the conversations about me i mean Eddie and I must have made quite an impression to deserve all this fuss.. so please feel free to continue.

Have a fabulous day i know i will

I'll pat myself on the back for that one... This weekend im taking a trip to Tallahassee, going back to the town where i broke down and built myself back up. It will probably be a ghost town because it is a ghost town and everyone will be gone for memorial day.. but Eddie will be with me along with my mother, father, sister, nephew , my doggy and my SUMMER... it will be interesting and hopefully a positive bloggable experience... till then have a GREAT MEMORIAL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.s. Who loved last nights American Idol Clay Aiken moment??? I was soooo HAPPY for that guy even though he was brought back to American Idol as a cruel reminder of how horrible a singer he really is... when his IDOL Clay A walked out to sing with him .. that was AWESOME.. it was a complete Colin and Maritza moment.... ..

Happy Valentines Day Charlie Brown.......

Woohooooo its Valentine’s DAY!!!!!!! ..... ok that didn't work. I've never been one to run out to drug stores for that oh so special box of chocolates, or that fuzzy wuzzy teddy bear... YUCK! Valentine’s day for me has always come at a time when I've been alone (well besides the time I was still married) before that it held special meaning because it happened to be THE DAY that I lay naked next to my "FIRST", in confusion for about I don't FOREVER give or take a few centuries. (We all know how the first time goes I don't have to painfully re-live it on here for you people do I ?) Besides that one Valentine’s day back in high school February 14th has never really held any true meaning for me. It’s just never been something I really look forward to like... HALLOWEEN or Happy Hour!!

So why should this Valentine’s day start any different? Because I'm finally in a relationship I don't constantly want to run away from? or maybe because I'm actually happy and not as sadistic as I once was.. sarcastic bitch YES, but I think I've improved. I don't want to throw up at the first sight of a couple kissing by a fountain at the mall..though the urge to yell GET A ROOM YOU FREAKS is still there I've not actually done it.

But alas it is ME who we are talking about and so my Valentine’s day started out with a BANG..ok maybe not a bang but I’d definitely describe it as a muffled boom. Let me elaborate...I spent the night at his house last night, it’s been SO damn cold here in Miami lately and so I was snuggled like chocolate kisses in warm wrapping, the bed felt comfy, my pillow was JUST RIGHT ahhhhh then out of nowhere .. well..out of under the sheets comes a noise I go through very GREAT lengths to avoid making. I FART...My eyes fly open and I lay in silence ..waiting for,... I don't know gun explosion going on in the neighborhood...anything! Instead I get slapped with the realization that I HAD FARTED...I remain totally still waiting for his reaction hoping it didn't wake him too.. BUT the evidence was clear...he heard it.. I MEAN WHO COULD MISS IT! I could tell by the way his breathing changed...his body lay ridged like mine..and then he placed one hand on my tummy and began to rub it. It was 5:30am on February 14th I could not go back to sleep for anything.

I know I know this is not a huge deal to some of you but to me it is.. I don't just let it out when I feel the need..I don't even go number 2 at his place..and out of any other day I choose this day to relax a tad too much.. I must have been laying there awake for another 30 minutes before I finally drifted away mumbling. .. FUCKING VALENTINES DAY!

It's 8:12am now, I'm at work and I'm sure things will get less 4th of July ish and start feeling allot more like VALENTINES DAY.(big whoop) as soon as my co workers arrive. IT can only get more interesting from here...