Monday, September 26, 2005

Wake me up When Sept Ends (and i'll kill you)

Sept 23 11pm Miami Vice set this time around I drove myself to Liberty City where I met up with Edd and a couple other guys from the SWAT team... we walked over to the set to find Colin was already there rehearsing the "explosion" scene. (After the usual shortness of breath, vivid thoughts of me running in slow motion towards his open arms to a long awaited make out session) I took one more, long stare and walked over to crew set up sat back and watched Michael Mann at work, the man is just awesome. When crew cutt for dinner I chose to stay on set I was talking to Sonnia on my cell when I see Jaime Foxx standing by me, I turned and smiled and hung up the phone as he walked by me and said hi. I lifted my hand up and pushed him lightly (damn strong arm by the way) I said "YOU I keep bumping into”...He stopped and walked up closer and said "Really but yet we haven't met outside of the set" I said "No unfortunately Not" looking down as his hand covered mind... (What a fricken player) "Is that so?" he asked with a smile I said yeah that's so..."Well It's my friend Big Boy's Birthday today and we're going to have a get together if you want to come"..I said yeah yeah we've been through this already we meet you ask for my number and you never call" He reached for my phone flipped it open and said "Here Call me at this number leave me a voice message with your number and I'll call you back" I watch him program a number in my phone totally aware how this must be played out at least a thousand times a day...I say.."Ok so..When I call you what name should I use?.. Shorty , girl on set.. Because you don't seem to remember" He leaned in and bumped me with his body (did I mention it was a nice one) and said with a laugh " NO just say this is Maritza I'll know who you are"..Then it all got buzzy and woozy after hearing him say my name. I said ok..He gave me back my phone and kissed my cheek. I watched his butt for a minute then walked back to the SWAT truck (or as I like to call it the Bat Mobile) and waited about 10 minutes then called and left my information on his voice mail... (No I was not expecting and did not get a call back..) At around 4am filming was running behind and the scene with the SWAT team was pushed too 5:30am the guys were not happy to hear this ...I couldn't care less. I was standing by Colin and the rest of the crew cutting jokes and just taking it easy when one of the SWAT guys said " You want Colin don't you?" I laughed and said " Oh you know you want him too.." to which he replied "Well you can probably get him in his Trailer for 30 minutes that's all he usually wants and gets" I said nope I want him for at least an hour" totally kidding I shrugged it off and continued my conversation. After a couple minutes I look over and see Colin talking to him and I'm thinking holy crap he's actually telling him? I watch them talk and Colin looks over at me, I totally see the whole scenario in my head , quick rough sweaty Colin sex..Blushing I look away and pray that this guy has not just pimped me out and at the same time secretly planning his death if he didn't. Soon we are joined by Barbie herself (tall, blonde newbie accompanied by her Boyfriend Ken) obviously there to stare at the yummyness that Is Colin Farrell. Out of nowhere the female co star who had been sitting there the whole time talking way to loud says "I’m the cock blocker here, I decide where the sperm goes and where it doesn't" actually placing her hands in what looked liked the shape of a vagina? I turn to face her hoping she was maybe delirious from lack of sleep or I don't know maybe she bumped her head while she was filming under the truck... I then looked at Colin whose expression was that of confusion and just plain WTF? He walked over to a quiet spot on set and sat there either to get away from the stupification or to get into character..Unlike Jaime Foxx who likes the crowd and jokes all day on set then jumps right into character. Just watching how different these two people are from each other and the different approach they take to getting into character etc..WOW Even if I end up on the cutting room floor and you never see me on film.. As an actress I've learned so much from being on set. Now 6:30am roles by and as I'm walking back from a very very needed pee break I see Jaime Foxx waving bye to me from his SUV, I wave back and hurry to the set to find that filming is over for the night (day) shooting will resume Monday. I walk over to where Edd was talking to Colin and successfully achieve not hyperventilating or even pushing Edd over and jumping on Colin's lap..Instead I stood there and joined the conversation and finally Edd turned to me and said to Colin "oh this is Maritza" Colin stood up and shook my hand "Nice to meet you" I looked into his eyes and said "Nice to officially meet you..." A friend was taking pictures and said "Why don't you two let me take a picture?" I turned to Colin and asked "Would that be ok with you?" ...which he answered "Of course " I walked over to him and after I died a thousand deaths I put one arm around his back (soooo dangerously close to his butt) and the other around his waist and posed for the picture. When the picture was taken I turned slightly to say thanks and Because It is me and this is the kind of crap that happens to me..As I turned, my foot caught his and we fell back onto his chair.. As I'm falling the little devil on my right shoulder was doing the happy dance and I hear Colin say Whoa whoa...Making it seem as if I was totally taking advantage of him...I laughed and wondered is there any word in this world this man can't make sound sexy...The second picture was snapped and I got off him (only because I feared being arrested for man handling) I said sorry and thank you and he said "No problem darlin" yup every word devirginized by this man...He held my arm as I walked by him and I'm telling you right now..I totally had an orgasm.. Sorry to be so blunt but HOLY crap..He was sweaty I was sweaty.. He was holding me... I may be pregnant!! Lol.
The night ended I floated home and slept like a Colin addict.. All shaky going through withdrawal... It was GREAT!