Thursday, August 25, 2005

Second Chance @ Liberty

Wednesday night sitting at my home computer as usual chatting on CZ when my sister runs in and says "Get dressed your meeting Colin Farell" it took me a minute to process COLIN FARELL. After jumping up and down I sent Michelle an instant message to which she replied "So I can tell everyone I have a friend who had sex with Colin Farell?" hahah I logged off took a quick shower, put on jeans and a tee shirt and headed out with my brother in law. Thirty minutes later I was standing in the middle of a trailer park in Liberty City. One of the most dangerous places in Miami. Directly in front of me was Michael Man setting up the next scene ..role viper...Rolling and ACTION. Out of the bushes comes Colin Farell machine gun in hand, sneaks up behind a HUGE guy (can't rem his name) places the machine gun over the actors head up against his throat and slams him on the floor. Michael Mann directing every move. The actors struggle on the ground until the "bad guy" passes out Colin pushes him off and jumps to his feet, he then leans up against a near by tree where he waits. Michael Mann moves in for a close up and..... CUT. After a couple more shoots we break for dinner. While filming I was standing directly in view of Colin, If eye contact was considered sex I had some very good sex last night. One of the crew members that I met on the Mansion set was there, we were talking for a while before I realized that Ed ( my new SWAT friend who has connection to Colin and filming) was waving me over to where he was standing with Colin and Michael Gould technical advisor who also worked with Michael Mann on Collateral. I excuse myself and walk over as fast as I can without tripping myself but as soon as I walk up Colin and his entourage walk away. Hoping that I would get another chance I follow the group to the tent eat a little food and sit around for a while waiting for the rain to stop. While waiting I had the privilege of meeting Barry Shabaka Henley a great actor who you may rem as the jazz musician named Daniel Baker in the movie "Collateral" not only is he a great actor but a very sweet down to earth guy. Two forty five roles by and my brother in law is ready to go. I say my goodbye and ask Shabaka to take a picture with me. As we walk back to the car we are introduced to Defending Ultimate Fighting Champion Don Frye (very nice ). My brother in law starts a conversation and then asks me to take a picture of him standing next to Don. As I was about to take the pic someone offers to take it for me so that I can be in it I said no. " Gee that makes me feel good" oops I guess I should have said yes. I smile and tapped his stomach with my hand " I didn't mean it like that I'm sorry. This man has the hardest stomach I've ever felt in my life. Pictures of me being carried in his arms while flinging my head back and smiling for the camera flash in my mind I instantly regret saying no. Finally we head back to the van and I'm searching between trailers and crew member hoping to spot Colin before I go. Not really paying attention I cross in front of an SUV and turn to see someone getting into the passenger side. As I slowly snap out of my daze I realize that Jaime Fox was staring at me. I make eye contact, smile and wave at him as he turns to watch me walk away. "Oh that was Jaime Fox" I say to Robert and turn around a little to find him looking back at me through the car window this makes me smile even more and I give him a quick wave I turn around and walk away. It was when I got to the van that I realized I should have asked him to take a picture with me but it was to late. Laying in my bed replaying every moment in my head I promise myself that next time I will do what ever it takes to finally introduce myself to Colin, if hurricane Katrina doesn't blow him back to dream land first.... and with that thought I finally fall asleep.

Collateral Don Frye

TomCruise, Jaime Fox and Barry