Saturday, July 30, 2005

Can't Hardly Wait....aye

(Good Bye Matt)

My trip to Vancouver was anything but ordinary. From the mountains to the trees, and whale spotting I was in aw of Canada. Meeting Michelle was like getting together with an old friend. Everyone I met on this trip felt like I knew them forever. Another friend came into town on Wed. or Thursday. We headed out for sushi with Michelle and Jay, then to shoot some pool. Many days of cut downs and Cyber flirting among other things had left me feeling a deep attractionto this guy. Unfortunately there is not much you can do behind a bar or in plain view. His hugs and lips didn't make it any easier on me.Soon we headed out to White Cliff where Michelle and I climbed down the side of a hill and laid upside down on a huge rock watching the ferry pass by. I could have stayed there for hours but he had to meet someone and Michelle and I were going to meet up with three friends I had met a couple nights earlier. I didnt want to say bye . If I had known that I would not see him again till the very end, I would have taken advantage of him in the woods.Later on that night we were at Joes house having a couple drinks, talking and playing basketball (which I ruled) When it was time to go, the guys were not ready to take us home, so out of nowhere Michelle says OK bye, were walking home. Um, Ok, I was way past a buzz and I swore that any minute one of the guys would jump up and insist on driving us home. So sure of this was I that as soon as I stepped outside I started counting, 1... 2... 3... they never came. We started our LONG walk home down a hill and around a corner where Michelle insisted that we rescue a cat. Never mind that the cat was not lost. It was merely walking down the sidewalk. So I grab the cat, the cat fights back(wouldn't you if some weird liquored up women was trying to kidnap you?). Four scratches and what seamed like 50 blocks later I hear Michelle call my name, I turn to look at her and she is on the street, huge proud grin on her face, twirling around like a ballerina (and I must say she made a great drunk ballerina) holding our liquor bottles in her hand, her foot hit the curve, her smirk turned to a look of confusion as her body fell in slow motion onto the sidewalk. I ran to her and asked if she was ok, and all I got was "NO! NO! Save The Liquor! Save The Liquor!" A die hard alcoholic to the end! Ha Ha Ha. We must have laughed for half an hour straight before continuing our journey home. Finally, just when I thought I couldn't walk another step after stopping to buy 40 donut holes, we werehome.The next day we laid by the pool and took it easy. Recovered, we got on line to chat with the usual suspects and I made plans with Jason to go site seeing with two other people in Victoria. When morning came one was still sleeping and the other canceled so I headed off to the ferry with Jason. Victoria was beautiful. We met up with Jason's friend, sat at the beach/park and I had my second taste of BC P! Wow! The rest of the ride to Victoria was, um, fuzzy.When we arrived we headed to the Wax museum where I saw statues of queens (past and present) but my favorite part was the dungeon like rooms. Being the scared cat that I am, I whisked by them pretty quick. One in particular caught my eye. It was a guillotine with a dead body lying out and a basket full of heads. I stood there disgusted by how real they looked when one of the heads moved. "HOLY SHIT!" I jumped back and told Jason, "One of the heads moved!" That's it, I was outta there. He said "yeah right." Thinking I must have been tripping, He moved in for a closer look. The next thing I herd was Jason screaming and though he was on crutches he flew to where I was standing. That experience had me cracking up during dinner. We caught the ferry back to Vancouver, and thats when I saw the Whales. OMG! I wanted to cry. It was the most awesome site. Jason showed me the city and a couple clubs. I floated the rest of the way home.The following night we met allot of the Club Zone people at a club called "Red Room." When we got there, I was surprised at how many of us were there. The drama began soon after, but I did not let it stop me from having a goodtime. Four tequila Shots and I was dancing like a mad women. By 4 am everyone was ready to head out to the after party. Now the after parties I'm used to are held either at someone's house or at another club. Imagine my surprise when we pulled onto the Beach and found about 100 or so people dancing on the sand to a live Dj. WOW! Unfortunately my body had enough by this time. I couldn't shake an inch of my ass. I walked around the beach taking in everything around me. Logging the moment in my memory bank before we finally headed back to Michelle's house. Ughghgh! Once we got there I felt every single tequila shot I had that night. I showered and packed. My train was scheduled to leave Van in a couple hours. I WOULD NOT MAKE IT ON THE TRAIN. Michelle called around until we finally changed my departure date, and finally I was out cold.I woke up a couple hours later in a shitty mood. My plans to go site seeing fell through and I had a killer headache. A lot of people were going back to thebeach. Even though I was disappointed that Matt, Michelle and I had only spent one day together I was not going back to the beach.I headed to the park with Michelle where we then met up with Mike, Joe and Paul. It was around that moment that I decided that I was not going to wait any longer,A great dinner cooked by non other than Michelle, a back massage and 4 drinks later. I was standing in Joe's apt. The rest my friends, is history. When I got back to Michelle's house the next morning she told me that our friend would be leaving at 12:30 pm. I couldn't let him leave feeling the trip was a total waist. Come on Come on. 15 minutes and he's gone! I kept repeatingMichelle and I ran to the sky bus. Jumped out and ran as fast as we could down the stairs. Across the grass, through the gates to the bus terminal, running towards a line of people, I searched the crowd. I slowed down, my heartpounding like crazy, I could hardly breath. I yelled out his name. The look on his face was priceless! When I was close enough I jumped in his arms. "Hi ... Thought you might need a hug before you left....." I said. I heard a reply of "Aw you guys are going to make me cry." Michelle was standing behind me. He stepped back and looked at me and said, "This is just like that Jennifer Love Hewitt movie." And it had been just like that. "I knew you would do something like this" he said. After many hugs and kisses I gave him a flower (more like a weed) and we waved goodbye as he got on the bus. Perfect ending to a trip that had many trips and turns and of course a little Drama.Now sitting back home I ask What was IT? The Vancouver air, the scenery, the pent up sexual frustration?Whatever it was, it had me thinking that I have feelings. Somewhere in the back of my shriveled heart, feelings for a guy. A Much, younger guy (Not GOOD!). So if your listening you little chubby fuck? Take your arrows and shoot em up your little Cupid ass. (12:47am, and they are giving "Can't Hardly Wait"...Starring Jennifer Love But looking back now i can safely say it was a fluke, and I'm back to being me.... FINALLY

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Pictures from my Vancouver trip

Michelle and I at the Park the day after Red Room

Michelle , Matt and I at the Bus station

Birthday sign in Vancouver 07/29/05

Michelle and I at White Cliff

The Red Room get together

The after party at the beach

Friday, July 01, 2005

In a land of make believe

It all started when I received a phone call asking me to join the cast of extras on "Miami Vice" After walking into the door, I put in my contacts took down all the info I needed, got dressed in "Club Wear" and headed to a club in South Beach called "Mansion" Once I got there I met my friends, we sat around for about 2 hours before being called in for the first scene at my designated spot(by the stair case directly in front of the dance floor) I started dancing to pretend music along with everyone else It was hilarious. Jaime Fox was there shooting the rehearsal scene After about 2 hours we cut and headed out to wait for the next scene. On my way out the door this very attractive guy comes up to me and pulls me towards the bar. Naturally I smile and lean in closer to hear " Hi how you doing?" I answer "Hey I'm fine and you?" Then I hear " So Jaime Fox would like your number" Um what? He repeats these silly words when I feel a tap on my shoulder I turn around and I'm eye to eye with Jaime Fox, Ok so maybe not eye to eye being that I'm SO much shorter than him but I was staring Jaime Fox, OscarWinner, Fantastic actor in the eyes at which point I go into what I now know to be my Deer caught in headlights stare. I hear a far off voice say " Hi nice to meet you I'm Jaime Fox." He grabs my hand holds it between both of his hands and I say...."Um nice to meet you I'm Maritza ." As he leans in to kiss one cheek and then the other "Nice to meet you too" he says and walks away.His little helper then says "So what do you say? " Snapping out of the trance I grab a paper and write my cell number, Look down at at seven numbers scribbled in cereal killer type print on paper and I wonder OMG is that my number... Yeah ..Yeah that's right... But just in case I re write it and circle it before walking over to Cutie Pie and handing it to him "Discreetly" just as Mr. Jaime Fox asked (bahahah still so funny to me) I then turned around walked out of Mansion and called my sister and my best friend You can imagine how that went. Three am roles by and I find myself on stage dancing to imaginary music as they record dialog all Jaime Fox excitement gone out the window Standing on what feels like tooth picks re shooting every scene. Four forty comes along and we pile into the shuttle and head back to our cars. End of Day One.Day Two on Miami Vice set I arrive at 2:30pm excited because I hear Colin Farell will be on set today.I refuse to even think about it push away small fantasies of make out sessions and hidden exchange of bodily fluids. I sit with the rest of the crew under a very hot tent when finaly we are approached with the question Were any of you in the scene with Colin Farell..blah blah blah (lost me after Colin) my body pops up off my chair and I say yup... Me..that would be me...I was definitely in that bar scene with Colin. They usher in The "Shiny happy people" group as they called us in order to avoid those who weren't really in the scene but say they are once they hear Colin Farell is in it(Can you imagine the nerve of some people) This happy shiny person moves right on passed everyone and positions herself right at the bar, Where I realize I'm way to short but I refuse to move this is the spot...any minute now my Idol and Crush will be in here and I refuse to miss out on any close contact!!!! Just then one of the guys point out that there are a couple apple boxes behind us, He runs and grabs them for me (such a sweet non Colin guy) 2 boxes later Vuala I'm tall. Just then I hear words that would later play over and over again in my delussional mind " Wow Dejavue...Top of the Mornin to yah" I may have stopped breathing for about 60 seconds. I turned around and see This hunk of a smooth caramel colored dreamy man approach the bar.(Only 5 people away from me) Oddly enough my body went into calm mode and all I did was look at him, pretend it wasn't a big deal as we began filming the bar scene. I had one guy behind me and one to my left. I started out dancing facing the guy to my left while waiting for my prop drink at the bar, by take 5 he was totally pissing me off, handing me my drink at least 3 times in one take, spilling it once on my arm and then making the unexplainable decision to play with my hair(I'm talking about getting the hair over my right shoulder and bringing it across my face to place it on my left shouler) Finally when they yelled cut I said ok this is what's going to happen Michael Mann is going to yell action, I'm going to dance on my little boxes facing the bartender, I'll acknowledge your presence but please stop handing me my drink and trying to block my face Or I'm going to kill you, so it went over and over until the bar scene was finally complete. Next scene I stood out of because my feet felt like they were melting instead I stood by the bar and watched Jaime and Colin work (through the camera screen) to the tune of Linkin Park and Jay Z "Numb/Encore" If people had there own theme song playing as they walked this would be the song I'd choose for Colin. I can totally see Colin walking to the corner store("I've become so numb...Can I get an encore do you want more.. I've become so numb... Tired of being what you want me to be feeling so faithless lost under the surface...") While pondering this pointless random thought someone steps in front of me and puts down a glass, I look up to see Colin standing right in front or me. We make eye contact for about a minute (felt like forever to me)then he was gone. I couldn't tell you where he went I was in a trance. To make a very embarrassing stalker moment short by the end of the night I acquired both the stirrer and glass that Colin was holding at that very moment. The night flew by and I found myself in one more scene with Colin and Jaime. A lot of dancing and eye contact later and it was eight am. Deliriously tired I drove to star bucks, bought a coffee changed into my work clothes and started my trip back down from The Land of make believe. Never did hear from Jaime Fox (then again I never really expected too) Reality has been hard to re adjust too but one bankruptcy and 4 work days later and I'm thinking I've got the hang of it. I still have a memory album full of awesome Miami Vice Filming moments that will last me ...Well at least a couple weeks before the booze and parting in Vancouver happen.....