Monday, March 21, 2005

I Heart New York !!!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2005
I Heart New York!!!!!!
I loved loved loved New York..... As soon as we got there we hopped on a Taxi Cab and headed to our hotel room where we checked in dumped our bags and ran out the door...we were starving and decided to go to the TGI Fridays on time was sooo appetizer ran $16 so you can imagine the main course....Summer and I stood in front of the Web Cam for about 45minutes waiting for Maggie to figure it out and take a pic of us.. Chunky took about 5 he says and I can’t wait to see it... it was sooooooo freaking cold I didn't know what the hell to Goosebumps where trying to invert themselves as well as the hair on my legs which supplied no warmth at all. We probably walked around for 20 minutes and ran back to the hotel room (thank god it was 2 blocks from time square) jumped under the covers and listened to the heater moan and groans and make noises I've never even heard before.... Summer came up with a position on the bed which we used regularly to thaw out... we would open the curtains....lay on our backs with our feet toward the window and on top of the heater.... this way we could see the buildings and lights of Time square......aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh......We got up at 6:35pm and put on as much clothes from our suitcase as possible....from the waist up I was feeling no pain.... I had 3 tee shirts one long sleeve shirt and a turtle neck sweater type top. My legs suffered the most cause I had nothing to cover them up in except my jeans and I couldn't fit into two jeans at the same time (believe me I tried...),at one point we discussed wrapping the pillow cases around our legs and then putting our jeans on but there were only 2 pillows in our room. Summer at least had her panty hose and then her jeans...3 tee shirts a long sleeve shirt, a sweater, we bought her a pink New York coat and a scarf ....anyway...we walked around Time Square and then went to our show "Beauty and The Beast" It was sooooo beautiful...everything was perfect the set moved around giving you full view of the inside and outside of the Beast's castle, the drops were screens so you could still see the actors but it looked like they were in the woods..Etc.....costumes were perfect and the actors were great... They even had the Beast levitating in the air and rotating while he changed back into the prince...(this part freaked me out a little I had to keep telling myself he's not possessed he's not possessed) It was great. Summer was falling asleep close to the end and I had to keep poking her to keep her awake. Finally the clock guy and the candle stick holder guy yelled something at the beast and she was up for the rest of the show....We walked around a little more and went to the hotel where I passed out cold. Sat morning we got up at 8am went to the McDonald's and had breakfast then hopped on the tour bus (great great great idea by the way) We drove passed the Trump towers, central park, we passed the bull that gets molested by every tourist who believes that rubbing its balls brings good fortune ...whatever..Next thing you know there will be a New Yorker dressed in a monkey suite with a sign that says YEAR OF THE MONKEY RUB BALLS FOR GOOD LUCK.... We went through Soho, very expensive by the way...And then to China Town I love these sneaky little oriental people... I was looking at purses and I asked how much one was and he said $20 I said wow I love it I’ll take it...he then gets very close to me and digs in his pocket while saying what do you want it?? I looked into his mischievous eyes and said....YES...Universal answer you give when you don't understand... he pulled out a little label and placed it decoratively on my purse..." See...See...Is ok?" My purse was now a Kate Spade...New York...... I said ok yes.....and then realized what was going on here... I watched my entrepreneur china man walk over to another customer and dub her purse "PRADA" whooppiiii if only I had enough money. I made Summer drag me out of there asap...needless to say I LOVE CHINA TOWN.........We then decided to go to the Statue of Liberty...where we found the wait to be 3 hours...we passed on it ...instead we sat and had our portrait done and we walked over to a guy dressed as a Statue of liberty and took a picture with him instead. We sat on a bench for 5 minutes and looked at the real statue of Liberty standing out there in her eternal stance.... I gave Summer a Small History lesson...I told her the French gave her to us, that the statue of Liberty greeted those that came by water to find freedom in the US of A.. She asked how long Our Lady Liberty has been standing there...And the history lesson was over.... (I have no clue) we hopped on the bus and headed home. Somewhere between the Brooklyn Bridge and the tour guides excitement over the only parking lot in a grocery store...He walked over to Summer and I and gave us his coat. The tour guide asked where we were from and when I said Miami he smiled and said “I could tell guys are never prepared" ....let me tell ya I could have kissed him. I thought we would become Popsicles up there. Summer fell asleep and I woke her when we arrived at Central Park....It was beautiful...the grass was dead as well as the leaves but it was still beautiful. Summer wanted to get off and find the Balto statue (the dog that saved people or something) but we knew we would die of hypothermia if we left the bus. We arrived at our hotel room shortly after that and defrosted... our faces looked horribly red and looked like we had a sun burn... it was wind burn...OUCH!!!!We went to dinner at a place called “The Playwright" (yum) I had the best apple martini..... We walked around Time Square and visited the Hershey store.... Everything was painful to watch all that chocolate around me and not be able to take a nibble. We then walked a little further where we found the David Letterman show and Studio 54. We headed back to Time Square and sat in the middle of it watching the signs.... I could have stayed there all night... I watched in awe as the song “Let Go" by Frou Frou Played in my mind...Everything was sooo perfect... It was only because Summer was way too cold that we went back to the Hotel room. I was asleep by 11pm (this is not a good thing when NY was right outside my window waiting to take me into a world full of numbing magnamic wonders) but I was there with the person I wanted to share the moment with and that was enough for me.
Sunday I slept in till 9 am we packed our bags left them with the hotel and walked to Rockefeller center... it was raining ...we stopped at Build A Bear and ($32 Later) Madison Fernandez was born. (We wanted to name her after a place in NY and she didn't like Brooklyn so we picked Madison after the Avenue except diff spelling) We sloshed our way to the skating rink and couldn't afford to skate but we took pics and had hot Chocolate. We went back to the hotel grabbed our bags and after getting directions to a complete circle leading nowhere in particular we got on the F train toward the airport... I'm ashamed to say that Ms Hyde popped in every 3 to 4 hours to scare the shit out of Summer. Especially when she accidentally lost my cell phone and when she didn't jump to the subway door fast enough, where I stood with my hand caught in the door. ..for future reference...Subway doors are not like elevator doors, They are more likely to pop your fingers off then pop open when you place a limb in between to keep them open, thank god all 5 fingers were spared. I sat there my chin trembling with anger and fear due to close encounter of Limb separation ... till the next stop. We got on a bus and arrived at the airport on time.
I seriously may need anger management or maybe some type of potion to kill Ms Hyde once and for all...I feel so guilty now for being so mean to Summer... She swears she had a great time even though her mother was a raving loon at times.
I tried my best to find a logical way to Move to New York with Summer but had no luck....I'm not giving least not until the nostalgia wears off.
and that my friends was my trip to the land of make believe

Only problem I'm having this Monday morning is getting used to Miami Again. Uugg how can I be expected to live in this little world after experiencing New York?