Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Awful Tsunami Parody

Monday morning on my way to work fighting the usual Miami traffic, listening to y100 the Kenny and Footy show.

I herd the most awful, tasteless and racist parody. A New York radio station (hot 97) came up with a re-make of "We are the world". They shamelessly play it for there listeners over in New York. A place that not so long ago suffered there own tragedy.
Why? is the question everyone is asking.

Why would New York's HOT 97 find it ok...even comedic to play this song over and over again....

Lyrics like

..All at once you could hear the screaming ch*nks and no one was safe from the wave there were Africans drowning, little Chinamen swept away you could hear god laughing, "swim you b*tches swim"
So now you're screwed, it's the Tsunami I you better run or kiss your ass away, go find your mommy just saw her float by, a tree went through her head and now the children will be sold to child slavery...

There was a link to there mp3: but this link from their site is no longer up and running.
to listen you can go to kennyandfooty.com or http://www.kennyandfooty.com/morningshow/html/tsunami.html

I have not herd one single person laugh at there disgusting attempt to "make people laugh in time of sorrow" ... So many people are outraged and in a total state of shock and disbelief.
How is it that a "Shock Jock" like Howard Stern gets shut down for what few find offensive these days..and yet HOT 97 can continue to ridicule the victims of Tsunami for days and still remain on the air.

My eight year old daughter was in the car with me and after the numbing shock alleviated some
I looked over at her and saw on her face a look of confusion .... I quickly turned the station and thought of the words I could use to explain to her why anyone would say those things let alone sing it.
My daughter sitting in the back seat next to a box she spent most of her weakened planning and decorating and gluing together. A box with a drawing of a huge wave getting ready to come crashing down on little stick figures with bubbles above there heads reading.."help help" hands up in air. The box is black with a slit cut into it with the words Tsunami victims written over it... See this 8 year old little girl thought that the Tsunami help drive at her school
may not have been long enough...so she started her own.
What could I say? I told her I was sorry that she had to hear that .... I explained that there are some people in this world that are not as smart or giving or understanding as most eight year olds I know. I couldn't say another word I felt sick to my stomach.

A flash of Janet Jackson's breast brought on quicker and stiffer punishment than this disgusting display of racism. What does that say about us????? I know for a fact that flashing a breast a body part flaunted daily by so many is no where near as hurtful and damaging as this "parody"

Please see the link below ...it will take you to a petition you can sign to show your support against the people at HOT 97 and Emmis Communication.


Friday, January 21, 2005

To my sisters

Our lives changed completely by separation.
Stories of happily ever after forever questioned.

Our small hands clenched together in prayer
holding on to what used to be.

Outstretched hands hold on to one another
never letting go.

Tears felt from miles away eased by sisterly
love and devotion.

New life interlaced with the old.
Our lessons learned now lessons taught.

The infinite circle strengthened by our
children's laughter and love.

Within my heart I hold the
memories which have made me stronger.

I could never have made it through without
Barbara's hope for a better tomorrow
Maggie's openness
or Maria's everlasting hugs.

Thank you for being my crutch, my strength and my best friends.


Fingers interlock squeeze around my heart.
Head feels dizzy, knees go week.
I lie on the ground and close my eyes.
I hear the world around me
Past, Present Future
colliding to this very moment.
Pressure in my head strain in my heart.
I reach out for something to hold on to.
I find nothing.
No one can help the ringing in my ears
the pounding in my chest or the
Emptiness in my life.


A movie switched on in my head.
Pictures that define loss, love, birth, creation.
As I play back the pictures in my mind.
I am amazed at all the memories I have with you.

Through all the laughter and drama you have always been there.
The memories I have of you define trust, loyalty and strength.
Without you there would be nothing but fragments of my thoughts.


Slug like movements, dark places, stomach cramps, headaches and confusion.
I can feel the thick liquid rising, my fingers feel numb. My feet lift off the ground.

I do not float. I don't drown.
My body remains frozen in the thick sticky sludge.
Head remains above the grainy substance.

I wait.

Do I fight it? Will I fall deep inside feel it fill my lungs.
Do I remain still in hopes of a miracle?
How long can I keep my head above?

How strong does one have to be to make it through such a paralyzing experience?
I close my eyes and pray for a sign.

I pray for strength to make the right decisions,
To know when to struggle,
When to fight
When to let go.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


You exist only in my dreams
and yet I can't stop thinking about you.
Who are you?
I see a beautiful face...
Dark hair and eyebrows that frame your deep blue eyes.
Firm lips full of strength and yet so soft.
Kisses that move me ever so slightly,
with enough power to bring me to my knees.
I've seen you in many forms with many faces.
Are you as strong as the characters you play?
As sensual and sure of yourself as those you portray.
Your body is real but the one I'm in love with
the one that conquers my every thought
every breath and every dream is just that

Can't I remain in this cruelly sensual dream?
Never wake; never feel anything but how you
make me feel in my dreams.